Ukan 10 inch EP

Ukan 10 inch
1. Ukan (03:43)
2. O my Father (07:02)
3. Unite (03:29)
4. Come unto Jesus (08:10)

Recorded by Han Kortekaas at de Hamrik Groningen.
Produced and mastered by Pim van de Werken Utrecht.
Released in 2014. YESYES! Wham!Wham! records. Wham04.

Vera poster
Harm Wierda: voice, (Vox) organs
Janke Brands: bass guitar
Martine Rademakers: Rhodes piano, artwork
Karl Huisman: drums
Klaske Oenema: backing vocals
Maria Tuni: backing vocals
David Lamain: guitar (on track 4)

The 10″ EP was presented at Vera (Groningen) on April 19 2014.

D&C 93:33: For man is spirit. The elements are eternal. Spirit and element. Inseparably connected. Receive a fulness of joy.

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