Sanctify CD

Sanctify CD1. Changes
2. Boatpeople
3. Sanctify
4. Easy
5. Yesyesyesyes
6. All things
7. Be true
8. The same
9. Now we sing
10.Truth,life, liberty




Harm Wierda: Keys and Lead Vocals
Frits Vogt: Bass (except on track 8: Milan Edzes)
Sjors de Ruiter: Drums
David Lamain: Guitars
Baukje Wierda: Backing Vocals and percussion
Rogier Vroom: Trumpets and Trombones

Recorded by Frits Vogt (Studio 77) at de Zuurstoffabriek.
Mixed By David Lamain. Cover art: Diderik van Dijken. Graphic design: Jan Harry Rus. Released January 10, 2020

The digital album has 20 (!) tracks and can be bought on Bandcamp




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