I was too kind
I was too blind
I was too blind to see
I couldn’t be entreated
Like you wanted me to

I was two
I was not one
I was too blind
I couldn’t be entreated like you wanted me to

Easy (3x)
To be entreated like you want it to be

I was too kind
To black and to white
I was too much
I couldn’t be entreated
Like you wanted me to
To be entreated
Like you want it to be

I’m blue
Blue as you
You know I’m hurt too
Try to learn
I’m sad
But then again I’m glad
You know that’s the craft
Remember yeah
O yeah
O yeah

It’s so easy


Boatpeople, refugees
women and children, on the high seas
Are you gonne stand by,
let them die
I can hear the children, crying

On Sunday at your local steeple
when you pray, remember
the boatpeople
And when you kneel down
say please don’t let the drown
when you kneel down
please don’t let them drown
I can hear the boats come a ground

In the hour of the Mayflower,
God gave the people the power
whenever they get the notion
to cross a mighty ocean
keep going on

Boatpeople, boatpeople, boatpeople
talking about them

(Lyrics by Tim O’Connor, the Hitchhiking poet)




When time is changing very fast

And you’re looking for something to last

Maybe you feel it’s all too hard

But roaming in the dark you’ll see the spark

You’re trying to keep a broken cup together

That make the glass break like a feather

Just like a feather


When you finally reach the point when you will see

There are many ways you can be free

Free from all the thoughts that have possessed you

Free from all the fears they taught to hold you down

To the ground

Prejudice will be covered with mountains

Good old peace will rule being spread by little fountains


You can’t always do it right

According to what people say it might seem like

That you’re always on the side of the road

But who can say to he or she

That’s not the way it goes


Changes in my thinking

Changes when you look around

Changes in my talking




When you hit the ground




Harm's Fork