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Harm’s Fork is a place in America where Frisian Wiegers Anne van der Woude rested for an hour when he came from Salt Lake City heading for the Netherlands in 1861. 150 years later Harm Wierda read his diary and decided it would be the perfect band name.

The fork in the road is where things come together and where new roads are imposed. Wierda can be found on stage from the age of 16 in all kinds of bands as a keyboardist and later as a guitarist too. He is a gifted musician, but the desire to perform as a singer and frontman and to preach the gospel became increasingly compelling.

Looking for the best way to express himself, Wierda’s musical quest is now one with his spiritual quest. Convinced of the importance of diversity within a group and the common experience of dynamics, Wierda has approached a number of exceptional musicians to realize his Plan. Together they ride the gospel highway, with trips to New Orleans, the Memphis Soul and the avant-garde. Harm’s Fork’s repertoire leans on three pillars: original compositions, arrangements of hymns and odes to inspiring musical predecessors. Wierda deploys his talent as a musician and singer and as an arranger. Armed with the pioneering spirit of the Latter-day Saints and Jesus as his Big Brother, Harm Wierda finally dared to.

Current members (2020)

Harm's Fork live Proeftuin Appingedam

  • Harm Wierda: lead vocals, keyboards, guitars
  • Baukje Schaafsma: vocals, percussion
  • Rogier Vroom: trumpet, percussion
  • David Lamain: guitar
  • Sjors de Ruiter: drums
  • Milan Edses: bass
  • Nina Jovanovic: vocals

Previous members (2011 – 2019)

Harm's Fork Gideon 2013

  • Frits Vogt: bass
  • Joost Dijkema: drums
  • Sander Vermeulen: bass
  • Martijn Smit: drums
  • Martine Rademakers: piano
  • Janke Brands: bass
  • Karl Huisman: drums
  • Klaske Oenema: vocals
  • Maria Tuni: vocals
  • Ben Onderstijn: drums
  • Hendrik Kröner: drums
  • Edser Riemersma: bass
  • Niels Smit-Duizendkunst: guitar
  • Bram Nigten: drums
  • Annemarieke Coenders: vocals
  • Christy Bagerman: vocals




Harm's Fork