Baukje Schaafsma

We had a good time at Grunnsonic!

Photo: Harold Zijp

(Picture: Harold Zijp)

Grunnsonic is part of Eurosonic/Noorderslag, a big showcasefestival in our hometown Groningen.
We performed at Cafe Buckshot, and the people of 3voor12 Groningen had something to say about it.
Read the Dutch review here!
(In short English: They loved Baukje and Nina’s dancing which was contagious, the music which was joyful and danceable and Harm’s raw and passionate voice. Nice.)
(Crowded house, picture: Johan Wolfhard)

Harm’s Fork live at VERA, Groningen

In the Netherlands there is an expression: Alles komt goed: All will be well. But Harm’s Fork translated it in “All is coming good”.
Not proper English, but it sounds great! Filmed in VERA, on January 10 2020 by Kim Vink at the CDrelease of the album ‘Sanctify’, which you can listen over here:

Sanctify Albumrelease!!

We are happy to announce the release of our CD Sanctify!

It will take place on the 10th of January 2020. Venue: VERA, Oosterstraat 44, Groningen.

Wanna know more? Check out this

VERA Groningen

They make silkscreenposters at VERA! This is ours, made by Vlerk:




Harm's Fork